Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In the News Recently

I'm cleaning out the Yahoo! alerts that have been piling up in my inbox, so here are some interesting stories (this will be updated throughout the next few days):

- A Halifax researcher got funding to do motor perturbation experiments. It looks like David Westwood will be using a KinArm type device (it might even be a KinArm) to look at the role vision plays during movements when outside forces are applied. Nifty.

- ABC News has a story on the role of observing sensation in some synesthetes. Mirror-touch synesthesia? Kinda playing off the mirror neurons system success in popular science mags. Still, I have to support the media when they actually tackle a neuroscience concept and don't completely mangle it. Also covered at New Scientist, Reuters and LiveScience. (Will link to the Nature Neuro paper they refer to later.)

- Medical News Today has an (depressing) overview or ALS.

- Boston.com has an article discussing the benefits of video game systems, like the Nintendo Wii, for seniors. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Video games will teach us much more about the future of BCI than most people think.

(more to come!)

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