Monday, June 18, 2007

Get it while you can!

Michael Moore's new movie Sicko is on Google Video. The whole thing. Moore has been public about his wanting people to see it whether they "pirate" it or not (his word), so I don't feel bad passing it along. Having worked in "Big Pharma" for 3 years, I was surprised how little flack the pharma companies got. They deserve much more, but I guess the point of the film is much bigger than your usual "greedy business tries to dupe customers" line.

While it doesn't relate exactly to BCI, I have to wonder how things at small research based medical device companies would be under socialized healthcare, and how that would impact research money (in the US, if you tell someone you do research, they immediately ask about what kinds of medical conditions, not what subject

On a related note... after watching that, can someone explain why I still live in the US? Any of you Euro spending types wanna chime in on what was skewed?

[Update: Looks like Google removed it. Poo on them. The torrent will be up until the end of the Earth, though.]

Watch it at Google Video here (dead).
Download the torrent here.

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