Tuesday, January 29, 2008

State of the STFU

Did anyone else wanna smack that stupid smirk off Bush's face during the State of the Union speech? Ugh. Idiot.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Super-Mega-Massive Super Paper Friday

There will be a test on all this material on Monday. Happy reading!
(btw-my rice cooker is friggin fantastic! Seriously the best rice I've ever had. Score 1 for science!)

Motor learning: passing a skill from one hand to the other.
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January 08, 2008

(This odd little journal requires registration, but is free. Weird.)
Mirror neurons and motor intentionality.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Presents yay!

I got home from birthday lunch and my Neuro Fuzzy rice cooker was waiting for me. I will report back on the rice quality and whether it pneumatically inserts an electrode in my brain, bellowing rice-agenda commands directly into my psyche.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Link dump (Part 1)

I'm busy with prelim stuff and turning 30 today. So, to tide you guys and gals over, here are some of the older stories I didn't get to while they were 'fresh'. I should be posting SPF this Friday.

ALS: X-Prize competition sponsored by Harvard, stem cell therapy showing promise, documentary by director with ALS.

BCI (general): Review of first international BCI meeting, Myomo e100 BCI for rehab, generator running off tiny vibrations, transmitting data over bones.

Computer-tech: Ionic wind engines for cooling.

Education and society: Nature reviews The Open Laboratory, Wired's take on Nature Precedings, interesting perspective on military applications of neuroscience, why I cannot fathom working at the molecular level, THE neuro news site (DANA Foundation).

Futurism: A brief rundown of Kurzweil-type stuff.

HCI/Alternative interfaces: More on Microsoft mind reading, website design (not what you're expecting - related to how I think humans should be engaged in experimentation), Minority Report type interface, funky looking light operated interface.

Implant: Memory chip implant, first person account of using hearing aids, brain reorganization with cochlear implant, DBS for epilepsy, brain chipping our troops, overview of vagus nerve stimulation, auditory nerve implant (x2).

Thursday, January 17, 2008

SPF delay

My laptop is in the shop for a mobo replacement, so Super Paper Friday will be delayed a little longer (It was there last week, too. It's being returned by Monday unfixed. Thanks Gateway for making sure the part was in stock before wasting 2 weeks of my life! Naughty companies don't get repeat business. Sad thing is that I am in direct contact with home office people there and this is how it works out when you know your shit!)

Here's a video on a drunken squirrel to make up for it.

Running with the story

The speculation was right. Looks like Oscar Pistorius is too fast for the Olympics. I wonder what would have happened if he had not tried as hard. You know, hold back a little, maybe throw a race or two. Then blow everyone out of the water at the Olympics. That would be awesome to watch.
[Wired props]

Anyhow, The Onion has their take on it. (Highly recommended.)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

BCI news items

First, pointed out by the lab, Nicolelis is in the news again. Monkey brains in North Carolina controlling walking robots in Japan. Nice. Again, dissociation of neural activity and decoder performed (monkey stopped walking, but could keep the robot walking while remaining still).
No mention of a paper with some objective measures, but a pretty decent write-up available on the NYTimes site. There's even a nice schematic and video.

Interview by PhysOrg with EEG mogul Fatourechi, related to a paper published in JNE. Take a gander here.

Science and Society

Two articles worth noting for all scientists.

Oh science and religion. Will you two ever get along? A speech by the Pope is being protested in Italy by the scientific community there due to comments made about Galileo's trial by the church. Wired has the scoop.

And a little closer to home, and MUCH overdue idea may finally be realized. There is a push for a science related debate among presidential candidates in the US elections. Holy crap! What can politicians say when they are forced to use actual facts? There is a major downside to this, though. If this debate becomes a mainstay, the politicization of science will be in full effect. In other words, right now both parties site a statistic and toss a softball at the opposing party, usually in the form on some minor factoid. If things move in this direction, we're talking a concerted effort by special interest groups to skew data. On top of that, by politicizing science, science itself becomes less trusted in the public's eyes, which means more troubles with funding and policy decisions. Do we really want people thinking, "Oh, I would agree with this finding, but I know you're in the pocket of Big Tectonics, so I assume there is an agenda here." Either way, I'm excited that this might go forward THIS YEAR. Again, Wired has the 411.

This rice cooker is smarter than you

Seriously. I mean really? Are we REALLY there? What am I talking about? This rice cooker uses Neurofuzzy algorithms to cook the best rice ever. It must be the best rice ever, because I have decided so. I have to get one simply because, I mean, it, you know, OMG it is cool. (Plus, the carcinogenic non-stick surface on my current one is flaking off from around 10 years of semi-regular use.)

Sorry things have been slow lately. I've been very distracted by work and school stuff, and I plan to make it up real soon.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Loreal's upcoming market

Do you have sensitive skin? No, I'm not talking mixed complexion in the T region, I'm talking about synthetic skin. Plenty o' reports, so you don't need me to ramble.

Cells sell

Quicky from io9. Looks like Sony's Cell processor is being used to aid medical imaging. You might remember the Cell processor as the brains behind the PS3. You might also remember that Sony sold off the Cell to Toshiba for reasons no one really knows. Interesting choice, since it is highly scalable and has gobs of memory bandwidth. But, the future of Cell is highly unknown (though no reason to doubt it will be around, since Toshiba needs something to bring in cash after HD-DVD crashes this year).

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New senses

OMG I feel like this cold is going to kill me. Ugh.

Anyhow, bitching aside, Reddit caught what I am assuming is actually an older article on Wired on the idea of adding new senses by harnessing plasticity. Let's set aside the idea that all our more primitive portions of neural gooeyness are not designed to just lump new senses on top of old ones, what would be considered a "new sense"?

Some eels can detect distortions in a self generated electromagnetic field around their bodies, but that's all I can really think of off hand. Generally, there is a very basic fallacy that all these articles miss: transducing one phenomena into another sense violates the idea of bringing into existence a new sense. In other words, like in this article, adding vibrotactile pads to indicate the distance above the ground (by vibration frequency) is not really "sensing" gravity. You're sensing vibrational frequency. If you lose the ability to detect haptic feedback, you lose your "gravity" sense. The same is not true of our other senses. But, to play Devil's advocate, at a base level everything is transformed into nerve impulses. And yet, to play the Devil's Devil's advocate (I swear that's the title of a heavy metal song), each of our senses as its own wiring that is oodles more complicated than "sensation A is detected by cell type A, and then that just goes to 'the brain'".

Anyhow, a similar self-mutilation type version was discussed earlier on DNI, and the article links to the writer's blog, which is decent, though not updated very often. Worthy of an RSS sub at least.

Paper title of the day

Collision judgment of objects approaching the head

Friday, January 4, 2008

The 10k club

Just a quick note. This month we hit the 10,000 visitor mark, and there have been around 17,000 page views (in 6.5 months)! Pretty cool for a shoot-from-the-hip decision under massive sleep deprivation!


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Webcam multitouch

I can't believe I didn't post this already. Based on Remy's comment on the Wiimote interface, here's a similar thing done with a standard webcam by a Microsoft researcher.

And while I'm at it, might as well post this Minority Report type interface using the Wiimote as well. I have to say that the Wii has inspired some crazy-awesome interface hacks that get me excited about what will soon be available. Hey, the hardware and drivers are there, the manufacturing is in place (and cheap!), so all we need is someone to tie it all together. And give me 20%.


Before the post, I should say I feel like death warmed over from some bug I caught. But, I was stirred enough by Obama's acceptance speech in Iowa to pull out of my haze and post.

io9 is just posting a slew of stuff, mostly scifi related, but also gems like this. The vibrotactile stimulator pictured above is attached to a camera, where grayscale information varies the speed of vibration. Again, nothing really "new" other than that this is an active probing usage.
I can't find the links now, but an example of previous efforts include BrainPort which uses a camera attached to a grid of piston-like pieces that apply pressure based on grayscale info. Still very cool and more practical for those who want, but don't need, the experience.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I'm thinking of something dwelling-like...

Though not Earth-shattering, I thought I would post a quick mention of an article on io9 to highlight the site. Fun sci-fi meets advanced real-world technology and design. I think they claim it is the site for people that live a 'beta' existence - final release of anything is already outdated. Worth a bookmark or RSS sub IMO.

Anyhow, the article relates to a PLoS article on tool versus dwelling perception, and how using MRI, researchers at CMU (and I assume the CNBC) trained a computer algoritm (assuming again, that it's a Bayesian Classifier or 3-layer ANN, haven't read the article yet) to tell if a person was looking at a picture of a house-type-thing or tool. Not surprising, really, since tools tend to activate areas associated with their use, like PM, MI, IPS, etc. I bet they would get mixed results if they showed houses images with various levels of usage items prominence - like door handles, lawn hoses, shovels sitting in the front yard, etc.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I can haz Happy New Year?

Happy 2008. May your CV grow long and publication revisions few int he coming year.

And now, the most epic cat compilation evar!