Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Link dump (Part 1)

I'm busy with prelim stuff and turning 30 today. So, to tide you guys and gals over, here are some of the older stories I didn't get to while they were 'fresh'. I should be posting SPF this Friday.

ALS: X-Prize competition sponsored by Harvard, stem cell therapy showing promise, documentary by director with ALS.

BCI (general): Review of first international BCI meeting, Myomo e100 BCI for rehab, generator running off tiny vibrations, transmitting data over bones.

Computer-tech: Ionic wind engines for cooling.

Education and society: Nature reviews The Open Laboratory, Wired's take on Nature Precedings, interesting perspective on military applications of neuroscience, why I cannot fathom working at the molecular level, THE neuro news site (DANA Foundation).

Futurism: A brief rundown of Kurzweil-type stuff.

HCI/Alternative interfaces: More on Microsoft mind reading, website design (not what you're expecting - related to how I think humans should be engaged in experimentation), Minority Report type interface, funky looking light operated interface.

Implant: Memory chip implant, first person account of using hearing aids, brain reorganization with cochlear implant, DBS for epilepsy, brain chipping our troops, overview of vagus nerve stimulation, auditory nerve implant (x2).


Black said...

Happy Birthday Brandon!!

Remember: 30 is the new 20. Or something like that. You can start drinking again next year :)

Brandon King said...

What?!?! Type into my good ear, sonny.

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