Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I'm thinking of something dwelling-like...

Though not Earth-shattering, I thought I would post a quick mention of an article on io9 to highlight the site. Fun sci-fi meets advanced real-world technology and design. I think they claim it is the site for people that live a 'beta' existence - final release of anything is already outdated. Worth a bookmark or RSS sub IMO.

Anyhow, the article relates to a PLoS article on tool versus dwelling perception, and how using MRI, researchers at CMU (and I assume the CNBC) trained a computer algoritm (assuming again, that it's a Bayesian Classifier or 3-layer ANN, haven't read the article yet) to tell if a person was looking at a picture of a house-type-thing or tool. Not surprising, really, since tools tend to activate areas associated with their use, like PM, MI, IPS, etc. I bet they would get mixed results if they showed houses images with various levels of usage items prominence - like door handles, lawn hoses, shovels sitting in the front yard, etc.


kanzure said...

I am not sure what io9 is actually about, but Kevin Kelly is listed as staff, so I just added it to my rss reading list. ;)

- Bryan

Brandon King said...

They are just posting a ton of material. Most of it is fiction related, but I'm totally loving it so far.

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