Monday, June 11, 2007

Site changes

Hello everyone. I've changed some of the site options. The following might be of interest:

- Comments are open to everyone without registration necessary
- RSS feed has been shortened, so those long Friday paper posts won't clog the internet tubes

I'm hoping to spur some conversation, and I know the hassle of registering a GMail account is a major turn off. So post away! Comments are unmoderated, as long as there is no abuse.

Please email me if you spot any abuse of the commenting, including blogspam. Please contact me before throwing up links, unless you have been cited or mentioned previously. As the admin for a tech site, I see many people who post comments like, "That's great. *my blog address*" just to promote. I'll be more loose about it here, but on the other site it gets you an instant ban. Comments are for the exchange of ideas, not free promotion without contribution.


IConrad said...


Consider using Haloscan for your comments engine; it can match your template, and is much more html-friendly. (Par exemplorum: you can blockquote. Very useful in cases of, well, obstinate souls such as myself going back and forth at each other over particulars. :) )
Also, rather than the google search-bar, if you're not worried about the monetized aspect, you might want to consider this site, which allows you to add a search-bar to search your blog directly: Its results aren't redirected from the site and are also quite comprehensive (neither Google's, nor Technorati's, are anywhere near.)

Both instances are actually quite user-friendly, though the Haloscan site does require a registration to use in the first place, it's completely free.

The comments also allow non-Blogger people to comment in a non-anonymous form. :)


Brandon King said...

Thanks for the tips. I'll look into those more when I do the next comprehensive update sometime later this summer. I might email you then with a few questions (or earlier if I start getting spam-farked with the current settings).

Feel free to de-lurk whenever you want. I'm glad to see some [H+] types roaming these parts!

Drew said...

I have enjoyed keeping up with your blog. My work is primarily chronic recording in rat, so BCI is definitely something I want to keep on my radar.

Brandon King said...

Thanks for reading, drew. You know I didn't mean it when I said all you rat researchers... well nevermind. lol

I don't get to interact much with rat researchers anymore. I did a brief stint looking at VTA ICSS with cocaine administration, but that was mostly a programming project whenI was an undergrad. Feel free to post links to any papers you think can be tied to BCI during the Friday posts. I tend to miss them, so a second set of eyes would be helpdful!

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