Sunday, June 17, 2007

Odd title for the day

I can understand stupid titles in the mass media when they cover science, but when Science publishes an article titled...

"Neural networks debunk phrenology"

... what can you really say?
(No, no, common sense debunked phrenology. I don't even know if I want to read the damn article!)

Neuroscience. Neural networks debunk phrenology.
from Science
Publication Date: 2007 Jun 15
PMID: 17569852
Authors: Knight, R. T.


Drew said...

I think they mean modern phrenology. Like the interpretation that every part of the brain has a unique set of functions.

Lashley here we come.

Brandon King said...

I figured it was something along those lines, but this is almost as bad as the AP story from last week with the title "The answer to autism lies in the brain" (or something very close to that).

Oh hey! I found the engram. It was behind the couch all along!

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