Thursday, June 28, 2007

Surgery gets all touchy-feely

Sensory feedback is one of those annoying little essential aspects to developing good interfaces. Just look at the iPhone. What are people complaining about the most, besides AT&T's general status as a crappy necessity? The lack of buttons. So why is it surprising that surgery should be any different? Routing around in someone's gut with only a poor sense of elasticity seems awfully crude/dangerous/concerning.

Researchers at Concordia University have developed a tactile feedback system for minimally invasive surgery. The development uses some pretty interesting techniques, which i will leave you to read by your lonesome. In the same week, there was also news of a "tangible 3D" touch interface by a Japanese company, caught by Gizmodo. The whole idea of force feedback is obviously nothing new, and if you want some commercial options, check here or here.

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