Thursday, June 21, 2007

How do you keep up?

I thought I'd pose a quick question. Besides my glorious Super Paper Fridays, how do YOU keep up on the literature?

I use Google Reader and subscribe to journal RSS feed, along with feeds created on PubMed for common searches (same with Science Direct). I've been thinking about trying out Yahoo! Pipes to filter staff better as well. Any thoughts?


Drew said...

I just keep my BS meter set 'Super Sensitive'.

That and I only read the methods and results of the papers. After a while, you can predict the discussions. Introductions are filled with everything you know already.

Brandon King said...

Yeah, my BS meter is permanently set to "Extreme", though a little lower for reputable journals.

I was asking more how you search all the journals and stay up to date on developments. Do you search as needed, research some theme every so often, etc?

Drew said...

Updates from PubMed are my primary way of keeping up with new research. That and recommendations from other grad students. Luckily (or not), I am in a field that does not move at lightspeed (cortical auditory plasticity).

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