Monday, June 4, 2007

The Bayes of our lives

Somehow the paper below slipped past me. I will start posting a list of new papers every Friday, so if YOU see something worth noting in a journal, post it in the comments to this weekly paper list entry.

The dynamics of memory as a consequence of optimal adaptation to a changing body
Nature Neuroscience pp779 - 786
Konrad P Kording, Joshua B Tenenbaum & Reza Shadmehr
Published online: 13 May 2007 doi:10.1038/nn1901Abstract Full text PDF (449K) Supplementary Information

This covers some interesting territory related to how the nervous system operates on a "best guess" basis. This is important because true real-time operation is an adaptively poor model - too many processing delays due to sloppy, gooey biology make for easy predator bait.

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