Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Random robotics

Oh man, oodles of work, so here's a quick link dump on robotics...

It weighs 66 pounds (30 kilos), can lift 100 kilos as if it were 50, and is coming for your children. Have you seen THIS person/mech? Also at Gizmodo.

Another catch on Medgadget, the vocal joystick. Move I say! Actually, it uses four vowel sounds to control a manipulandum in each of four directions (the sounds have a continuity to them, see the full article). Clicking is done with two 'k' type sounds. Sound is sampled at 100Hz.

Have you every thought, "Hey, I love my cat, but I just can't provide him or her with the petting he or she needs?" Well, my friends, have I got a treat for you. And by treat, I mean a robotic arm that senses motion and sound, and will pet your cat(s) for you. And you thought crazy cat lady was crazy... imagine her with one of these for each of her 50 cats! Damn robots! Befriending our domesticated pals, to turn them against us. Don't be surprised when the Robot Uprising comes if Mr. Mewmew unlatches your bunker door for the robodeath squads! See below:

Hand Hacking For Cat - video powered by Metacafe

Speaking of angry robot overlords, here's a cute version you can print out and put on your cubicle desk. Come on! It may only be a cubicle, but it's YOUR cubicle!

Air powered, jumping robot legs form Japan. I've run out of wit to comment on them. Or perhaps you prefer good ole American legs from MIT running on moonbeams and dream. Okay, I don't know what they run on,but it sounded nice.

And just when you thought you would recognize your robotic dominators, they go and morph their faces. Tricky bastards.

At least Intel is giving them a better sense of fine touch. That way they can feel the life drained from our bodies as they crush our skulls.

I didn't intend this post to go this wacky, but I'm pretty glad it did. Hope you had as much fun reading it as I had posting it.

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