Sunday, October 21, 2007

Random bits/bytes/boutons

* If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me where to get a gold brain mouse, I would have no money. But, if that day ever comes, I now have an answer: Here.

* Dr. Richard Wiseman's crazy strange psych studies are highlighted on PsyBlog. Really worth a read/giggle.

* Mind Hacks has a brief mention of Leary's Eight Circuits. Though of little practical use, these types of mental exercises might help you to think outside the box. Other Leary news? His Neurocomics are scanned and online. And... a very interesting debate between G. Gordon Liddy and Leary on "the future". Of particular interest might be this famous quote:
"Computers will be THE drug of the future."
And a mention of Neo-Paganism and technology. (Not that I'm a huge Leary fan, but his ideas are fun to think abut from time to time. He always has that twinkle in his eye that says, "I know know something you don't, but one day you'll figure it out." Either that or, "I'm tripping balls right now.")

* Mmmmm... Clown Brains...

* Many of life's problems could be solved by really considering the Monkeysphere. Yes, you must read this. It offers such gems as:
First, picture a monkey. A monkey dressed like a little pirate, if that helps you. We'll call him Slappy.
It gets better from there...

* And finally, whether they were killing us, or humping us, robots made for big news this last week.

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