Monday, October 29, 2007

Excel opens to black screen

So, I thought I would post a quick note for anyone that might one day have this problem.

Symptoms: My spiffy Performance Analysis spreadsheet suddenly decided it did not want to open. Yeah, 1 week to SfN and not good. Excel would open with a blank screen. I could click stuff and it was responsive, but the center was completely blank, regardless of whether it was opened with a document or just launched with a 'blank worksheet'. Nuttin there.

System specs: Vista (32-bit), Office 2007, all updates etc installed.

Resolution: I don't know what caused this, but launching Excel as Administrator clears it up. Just navigate to your Office folder (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\), right click on excel.exe, and choose "Runs as Administrator". Voila! Yer welcome. I don't know if it resolves it entirely (that one launch clears up all future launches), but it works well enough to allow you to use the program.


Anonymous said...

Voila my ass. doesn't work. i think you just got lucky...

Brandon King said...

Worked for me. I haven;'t had the problem since. Another thing to try is launch as admin and go to excel options (in the ribbon), add-ins, and turn off any add-ins you don't use. After doing the admin launch trick mine has been fine. I think I had to restart int here somewhere, too.

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