Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kamen arm demoed

Engadget has a brief look at a rare DARPA arm demo. This is the Dean Kamen flavor of DARPA arms, and there's a nice little interview with footage below. No more fuzzy spy videos - everything is crystal clear. The arm is controlled by an exoskeleton type system on a staff member, and there is a little talk of the artificial skin. Sweet!

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Troy said...

The DEKA & Hopkins Applied Physics Labs arms were both shown & demonstrated side-by-side for the U.S. House Armed Services Committee and the House at large yesterday (17Oct07) in DC at the Rayburn House Office Building. All patient demonstrators were untethered.

The DEKA demonstrators controlled their devices using sensors in their shoes to control prosthesis movement through foot pressure in different directions. The DEKA demonstrators were shown picking up grapes, using a drill, etc.

The JHU-APL demonstrators, including a shoulder disarticulation patient, and a transradial patient, were shown doing fine-motor dexterity tasks.

Both groups are looking into methods of direct neural interface going beyond the Kuiken reinnervation method.

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