Friday, September 7, 2007

Super Paper Friday

A biologically inspired neural network controller for ballistic arm movements.
Bernabucci I, Conforto S, Capozza M, Accornero N, Schmid M, D'Alessio T.
J Neuroengineering Rehabil. 2007 Sep 3;4(1):33 [Epub ahead of print]

State Changes Rapidly Modulate Cortical Neuronal Responsiveness
Andrea Hasenstaub, Robert N. S. Sachdev, and David A. McCormick
The Journal of Neuroscience, September 5, 2007, 27(36):9607-9622.

Cortical activation during motor imagery is reduced in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.
Stanton BR, Williams VC, Leigh PN, Williams SC, Blain CR, Giampietro VP, Simmons A.
Brain Res. 2007 Aug 3; [Epub ahead of print]Click here to read Links

Morphological changes in dendritic spines of Purkinje cells associated with motor learning.
Kea , Joon , Arii T, Imoto K, Im
Neurobiol Learn Mem (24 August 2007)

Localization of a stable neural correlate of associative memory.
Reijmers LG, Perkins BL, Matsuo N, Mayford M.
Science. 2007 Aug 31;317(5842):1230-3.

When the brain plays music: auditory-motor interactions in music perception and production.
Zatorre RJ, Chen JL, Penhune VB.
Nat Rev Neurosci. 2007 Jul;8(7):547-58.

Practice and perfect: length of training and structural brain changes in experienced typists.
Cannonieri GC, Bonilha L, Fernandes PT, Cendes F, Li LM.
Neuroreport. 2007 Jul 2;18(10):1063-6.

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