Friday, September 21, 2007

Last Day in Volterra

Of course I didn't bring my cable to upload pics, but hopefully I'll find on in Rome. I apparently caught a nasty little cold on the plane over, and it is just starting to die down.

To my fellow students, it was a blast. Feel free to email or Skype anytime, and if you make it to The States, let me know!
(Skype will complain that my version doesn't support text chat, but it does. My home phone has Skype built in and cannot use chat, but my computer can.)

To the profs reading this... why the Hell are you reading a blog? Get your grad students to read it, and summarize the contents at lab meeting.

As a side note, Super Paper Friday will be slightly postponed until later. I will try to get it up after I arrive in Rome, but traveling always exhausts me.

And to all my bellissimas - Ciao bella! (There is a classic picture with Silke that I will post when I get my hands on it.)

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