Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Stimulating Delgado video

Today began the undergraduate seminar on Neurotechnology here at Brown, with Donoghue at the helm. Looks like it will be fun to sit in on and help out with. Here's one of the video clips shown. I had found a better one before, but can't seem to dig it up now.

Of course the comments and title are waaaay over the top, but that conspiracy theory aspect makes things more fun. Don't believe me? Read through this bonkers site (it is old, and most of the links are long since dead)!

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drew said...

You are right to point out that it was over the top. Delgado, while a great popularizer, was not a very deep scientist. It is unfortunate that he had to make so many unfulfilled claims, perhaps even setting back the field of brain stimulation. He is on par with Walter Freeman.

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