Monday, September 24, 2007

A few links to tide you over

Since my schedule is so completely off, here's a dump of some of the things that hit my radar recently...

Researchers at some oddball university named "Brown" (seriously, who names a university after a color), have been showing off a haptic device used for artistic expression - some sort of hybrid visual and movement art thing. Anyhow, see what the techno-hippies are up to here. Also on Slashdot, under the clever title of "Happiness is a Warm Electrode".

DBS for depression, and mentioned in earlier posts, is featured in the September issue of Popular Science. Interestingly, they target the subgenual cingulate region, which I know has been implicated int he disorder, but I didn't know to such a large extent. Perhaps this area is the linchpin for untreatable depression (versus that controllable through medication). @ Neurophilosphery.

You like the haptics? Oh, yes, you LOVE the haptics! Anyhow, Ishikawa-Namiki Komuro's Laboratory is working on a fancy vibro-tactile suit for the blind. You can imagine how that works - optic sensors that transduce various object features and locations to several vibrating nodes on a suit. Still worth mentioning.

Another accumulation of online learning resources is up in wiki form at Librarian Chick. Learnin's is gooder than not noing. That's mi moto!

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