Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You know what day it is...

Download Day - English

Aw yeah. Get it when it goes live, and register your 'Pledge' to download (does not require any info, other than checking a box).

Word on the street is that the final version is on the FTP servers, but those downloads won't count toward the record, so wait until they post it here. Besides, half your plug ins won't work anyways.

To install Firefox 3 along side Firefox 2, there are several options. My favorite, and by far the easiest, is wait until a "portable" version is released, probably later today. These are the builds that don't 'install' anything and are meant for USB flash drives. You can install add-ons and such with the only real limitation being that you can't run one while the other is open. The fancier methods get around this (though, it is really just a matter of adding a switch to the shortcut).

You can try to force Firefox 3 to use Firefox 2 add-ons, instructions below, or you can check out the developers' direct websites for beta builds. I think I might mess with it and post which of my add-ons work, which can be forced, which have updates/betas, and which are lost to the sands of time.

Forcing compatibility:
1) Enter address "about:config" in the address bar
2) Right-click anywhere in the lower pane and choose New, then Boolean.
3) Name the variable extensions.checkCompatibility
4) Set that variable value equal to false
5) Repeat for extensions.checkUpdateSecurity (also false).
6) Restart Firefox.

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