Monday, June 2, 2008

PDFs get a major upgrade

So, let's say you write a Letter to Nature, and you slip up and forget that a video in a previous paper causes you to accidentally make a false claim. You know, fantasy/science fiction scenario, but stick with me here.

Well, Adobe has added the ability to embed Flash-based movies into Acrobat 9's file format. If you thought Acrobat was a resource hog now, wait until the video junk gets added (also makes it more complex for those faster third party options to implement)! Still, great idea, and a very smart move. I think Adobe is on the verge of a renaissance with this, the upcoming major tweaks that will be fully implemented by CS5, and their AIR platform.

But, PLEASE Adobe, if there is any chance an employee working there reads this blog, PLEASE rewrite Acrobat completely from the ground up. It is bar none the single worst application everyone is forced to use. Yes, we will still use it if you don't change a thing, but you literally have an entire install base that, should a viable substitute reach market, would leave you in a second. That is a bad place to be, and it is bad customer relations.

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