Monday, June 16, 2008

Throwing this out there

I keep seeing, and posting, all these nifty little collaboration, Web 2.0, and research related items, but never actually enact any of them on a larger scale basis. I use most of them, but the real benefit comes when many people use them.

So, anyone interested in setting up a mini-collaboration-type network for discussion, link exchanges, messaging, etc? Email me directneuralinterface((at))gmail((dot))com.

I don't know exactly what I have in mind, and there might even be some type of waiver signing involved if I add admin positions, but for now I just want to convene a group of like-minded folks to determine a set of desired features and get a skeleton laid out. The first 'meeting' will be sometime next week. Might be voice conference (Skype) but more likely an IM session. If you are unable to make it, feel free to pass along your thoughts via email and I will share them. If, somehow, this whole thing explodes into anything beyond a little social group and becomes "something" (ie-makes money), I will divide everything based on this initial group and the relative efforts/implemented ideas fairly. There will be a simple point system in place, which will not be publicly available, unless problems develop. (One thing I learned from my business jobs and the various startup companies is that the rules should be set long before any real progress is made. It avoids conflicts, lawsuits, and wasted time trying to backtrack through each person's influence.)

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