Monday, June 2, 2008

Store yer bits

Why do I love storage so much? No idea. Maybe it's because you can never have enough. 3 things in the news recently...

1) Seagate says they will have 2TB drives (traditional magnetic spinner types) by next year. The last major advance was the second generation perpendicular recording which gave us that quick jump from 500GB to 750GB to 1TB, where things have remained stagnant. I have not heard much on the research front to indicate that things are lined up for anything above 2TB, but I have no idea what allowed the doubling this time.

2) Intel is hopping happy about their new 32GB NAND flash chips. Current max is 16GB, so flash drives will be doubling in capacity within the next 6 months, if not sooner.

3) Lastly, if you are looking for a super easy, no fuss 4-drive disk array, the Drobo's price has been slashed by a good chunk. It was waaay overpriced before, and is now reasonable. I'm a control freak and like to know everything that goes on, but if you like technology magic, the Drobo is a nice option. A little add-on dock allows you to turn it into a NAS device, too.

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