Monday, May 26, 2008

Fox News - Accurete Repoting!

This, what I guess passes for an article at Fox News, mentions 'The Lab' along with my old 'The Lab'. The quotes, images and, well, all the content regarding the current 'The Lab' is straight out of video clips or other publicly available material. I think they were just going to write an update on Phil Kennedy's work and the reporter needed to add some fluff. So, go ahead and take a peak if you want. You might want your 5 minutes of life back, though.

In REAL news, can't say anything more, but you might see me in the background on a upcoming major news show airing in the Fall. not saying anything more until everything is public, but that's part of the reason for the slowed updates lately.

And just a quickie on the first topic. I find it odd that every 6 months or so, there is an update on the project here. I mean, yes, we make progress, but the updates seem to come randomly. Sometimes they're started by a rogue Reddit or Digg post, sometimes there's a big media blitz. I know that there are times when the company is looking for investors and when we get publications, where I expect media coverage, but at least half the stories I've come across have been completely out of the blue. The only possible conclusion I can come to is that people are weird. That is all. If you read the Fox article and read this, I bet you want your 10 minutes of life back. Too bad, they're mine now.

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