Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Congrats Jodi!

And another Brown kiddo has become Dr. Kiddo. Congrats to Jodi Gilman for successfully defending her thesis from the armies of ignorance a couple weeks back.

I held off on the congrats to kill two birds with one stone. The second bird? She was interviewed regarding her research for NPR's Science Friday! Sweet. I decided to wait until the episode made it to podcast, since I missed it, before posting.

Here's the main site. Here's the story along with video. Subscribe to the NPR Science Friday Podcast here*. The topic is her paper in J Neuroscience on alcohol and reward (PubMed Linky).

*NOTE: They divide the podcast into separate files for each story. Jodi is in the 4th story - the main, longer one. I had to specifically download it in iTunes, since it is set to download the "latest episode" only, so check the drop down list.

(I'm going through an NPR phase - I looooove This American Life. I highly recommend "The Super". And, no, I haven't had a chance to see the TV show.)

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