Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cyborg art

A weekend cyborg art exhibition is going on in New York. Just FYI - catching these stories gets you names of artists interested in human-tech integration, which = new presentation intro slides and wallpapers for your PC. Behold Cyberdine (via IO9).

And after writing that, I thought, "Hey... I got some more related stories..."

- Ancient medical illustrations from the mysterious 'Orient' have been placed online, along with 3D models of early wax medical models.

- A vibrating interface for a blind artist (I swear I posted this before, but it was still flagged).

- On the art of wordsmithing - influential scientists divulge the books that inspired them.

- EEG controlled robots as part of another art exhibit.

- A similar neuro-art rundown was posted a while back on Developing Intelligence.

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