Sunday, March 16, 2008

Site note

Yes, I know, post drought. Not having a laptop has had the biggest impact on DNI, since I post when I am between meetings on campus, when downloading papers for Super Paper Friday, when at the coffee shop, etc. When on my home PC I'm in MatLab/Digital Trends mode - kinda a state-dependent learning/place selective behavior situation. I will be posting a flood soon, but I won't be offended if you wait until Friday to check back (I get my new lappy on Thursday).

In the meantime, the Digital Trends Podcast is back in full swing. The first/newest episode is a little shaky on several fronts, but it will get much better. I promise. I just wanted to get this edition out the door, even though there were several major annoyances (technically, content-wise, organization-wise, etc.).

Oh, and add to that that I just spilled coffee on my keyboard, and have had to resort to my 'backup' keyboard, the Alienware cheap-o free one which feels like I'm typing on marshmallows, and you have the perfect post-pausing storm. I will be replacing it with this shortly:

Thanks for understanding. While I'm on, I'll post a few tidbits...

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