Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Off the cuff comic item

I'm watching the latest Totally Rad Show, which is a best of the past year episode, and they mentioned a comic called The Surrogates. Might be of interest to you BCIers out there, since it revolves around the idea of neurally interfacing with robots that go out and live the person's life while the controller remains at home. It brings up interesting topics, like if you 'kill' a surrogate is it murder?

For more comic goodness from the independent comic scene, check out Independent Propaganda.


Matt Butcher said...

Hi there--you are linking the picture to my website,, so would you care to add a link or a note on where it's from? I'm dedicated to shining the spotlight on independent comics

Brandon King said...

Oops! I meant to, since I chose your site for the content on it. Corrected.

Brendan said...

We just saw Surrogates here at TUG. To answer your question: If you kill a Surrogate, is it murder? No. According to the movie, it is "extreme vandalism".

'Course, the movie also said it was set in San Diego, but it wasn't. Said it was about BCIs, but wasn't. Couple big minuses there.

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