Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Buy stuff!

Some more from the consumer in me.

You like tea. BUT, there's something missing. Something you can't describe... It can only be one thing: the delicate touch of a monkey's poop covered fingers! That's right! Monkey-picked tea is now available at Think Geek. Get this snazzy teapot to go with it!

Tea too wussy for ya? Nothing but a good cup o' Joe will do, eh? Prove that you really mean it with the MUG!. via Gizmodo.

So, you like to build life, instead of destroy it. Say it loud, say it proud, with the Genome TShirt from AAAS. Again via Gizmodo.

But you can't suppress those savage urges to kill all the time. So next time you sit down to belt out a few frags on your favorite shooter, strap on your FPS Vest. (Since people ENJOY dying during video games, according to a new study, does this make the whole experience even better?!?! Does that idea bother anyone else?)

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Black said...

Clearly anyone who thinks dying in video games is fun has never watched me play. Or heard me play. I have the mouth of a drunken pirate.

Wait - maybe I *DO* enjoy blowing off steam by swearing loudly enough to peel the skin off of a crocodile.


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