Sunday, November 16, 2008

SfN Wifi WTF?

Dear SfN,

Your wireless sucks.


(Posted from my laptop tethered to my iPhone, which is infinitely faster. That's sad.)


Remy Wahnoun said...

g-phone power

natalia said...

for real real. wtf.

Iyad said...

This a problem at practically every conference these days. Conference organizers should just charge everyone an extra $10 in reg fees and turn on quality high speed wifi. Conferences are ideal times to meet people and share information. With wifi, you can get files from your lab/office, share a useful website, etc.

An "internet cafe" with 20 slow pcs doesn't suffice for a conference with thousands of people.

Anonymous said...

The trick is to only attempt to use wifi in the parts of the building that had the fewest people (ie find a boring slide section on the third floor). Attempting to use wifi anywhere near the poster floor is madness.

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