Friday, November 7, 2008

Alllllmost ready for SPF

Yeah, "early next week" was code for "soon". I've gotten a bunch of my papers organized, thanks to a Frankensteinian scheme, and here is what's going on...

If you use Mendeley, which I love, be aware it IS STILL EARLY BETA. I stress that because there are some annoying issues that could really annoy users that try to use it exclusively and without backing up. The current version (0.5.9) has trouble with databases over 1000 documents, which can corrupt the database, leaving you back at square one. It would mean losing tags and notes, but not harming the pdfs. I have been assured that many of these issues will be addressed this month when version 0.6.0 is released. I have found a bunch of other issues that you everyday Joe (Six-Pack or Plumber, you choose) might not have the patience to figure out work around for. I'm still very happy with Mendeley and excited about the project as a whole.

So, I have been dropping my pdfs into Mendeley, using it to rename them*, and categorizing with folders. I'm starting to use Connotea to extract citation info from Pubmed and build the SPF lists (Zotero is too general, and Connotea just operates more like a science-focused system).

So, SPF will be compiled on Connotea (I think), and I'll post it here. If you want to get a peek beforehand, I'll post the public paper list link sometime today. Yeah, so SPF comin...

(And I looked at RefWorks, but we don't have the ability to share paper databases at Brown, and since it is a pay-for option, I assume others might not either.)

*-If you're using Mendeley to rename your pdfs, be careful using the "Title" field in the names. The max path length for Windows is 256 characters, and that is an easy number to beat with some paper titles alone. If this happens, you will not be able to move, delete, or rename the files. The workaround is to move the containing folder to root level (C:\), rename the file there, and then move the folder back (yes, you can move the directory, just not the individual file). For doing this to large numbers of files, grab a copy of Renamer (free) and set it to delete everything from, say, character #100 to end.

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