Thursday, August 21, 2008

Few more interesting items

I know, I'm being bad about content. I swear I'll be back on track as soon as this prelim thing is done, which can be measured in days now (hopefully).

Thanks to good ole MetaFilter, I now have a favorite site for highly relevant research papers on PubMed. And by relevant I mean bat-shit crazy. I give you *giggle* A Good Poop.

Yeah yeah, we've seen attempts at overcoming the "Uncanny Valley", so why does this lady keep rambling on about their... wow... wait a sec... that's not a real person. (Site for the company with another demo.)

And Switched has a blurb on whether/how computer use is changing the development of our brains from childhood through adulthood (citing a BBC story). They note the increase in Ritalin prescriptions and ADHD diagnoses as proof that something is going on. Really? I mean why would children develop ADHD when their daily routine consists of TV while playing a computer game, while chatting in the game and instant messenger, unless they get a SMS or phone call, possibly a Skype call, too, with a tabbed browser open, along with email, a music program, maybe a download client, and a homework assignment? Meh, face it. If your kid has ADHD they're at an advantage. Just teach them how to make use of it and they'll turn out fine. Look at me! I'm borderline, and I'm normal as can be. Oops! 6:00pm! Gotta thaw another dead squirrel in the basement freezer so I have something to swat the invisible dragons with! (Quietly mumbling: they're coming to take me away haha, they're coming to take me away hoho...)

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