Thursday, July 24, 2008

Epic fail for fanboys

Ah, Microsoft. You seem to do nothing as people rip on your pretty new OS, and then you give us this gem. What did they do? Asked critics of Vista to try their "new" OS, called Mojave. They brought a camera and let the poor dolts fondle this highly classified project. Opinions were very favorable, and the critics were satisfied that this upcoming OS was going to correct the flaws in Vista. Oh, and Mojave? Yeah, doesn't exist. They were using Vista.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with Vista. It isn't great, it isn't horrible, it's just the 'next thing'. My advice is as follows: If you are using XP and happy, stick with it until you are convinced that you need the added security or Vista-only features (most of which can be performed in XP with available 3rd party programs). If you are someone that likes to upgrade to the latest, but have been put off by the talk, just install it already. Hell, dual boot your system until you are convinced it will work. You can purchase the retail DVD containing all versions (check what you order to see if it the version that also includes the 64-bit disk) of the OS, but without a license, for $20 online. Install it, mess with it for a couple weeks, and if you like it, go grab a copy of the upgrade version (use this to "install" over the version of Vista you already have installed, thus allowing you to use the "upgrade" license number). You can grab a copy with SP1 integrated, and the license number will work for 32 and 64-bit versions. But doesn't it cost a billion billion dollars? Close. On the high end, Ultimate upgrade can be found for $180 online, and $70 for Home at the low end.

So, don't fear the Vista.

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