Monday, July 14, 2008

I broke down

... and for an iPhone :D

It is a wonderful little gadget, and one of those few items that make me take note because I know I will be looking back at the time before I got it, wondering how I was able to operate. If you're on the fence, just go get one. I've already hit the impassible Apple iWall - that point where I wish there were advanced options for all the settings. Everything is either too simple or, like jailbreaking, too iffy. Guess I'll have to actually simply use the damn thing.

I know I've been saying, "Updates coming soon!" but I swear they are! Oooo... I woinder if Blogger and Google Reader work on it... ~o.O~

(My background is above)


Remy said...

Waiting on the g-phone :)
Are all bioengineers geeks?

Alexandre said...

Not really! Some of us geeks are bioengineers too. ;)

Kakalina said...

I'm actually looking for a sidekick, but I guess it's different if you're deaf ;)

I've been reading some stuff that suggests that there are some issues concerning how the program is set up is somehow sub-par the first iphone...good luck!

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