Monday, April 7, 2008

Multimedia mumbo jumbo

An excellent catch by Mike over at Brain Stimulant - a BBC documentary called Human 2.0 can be found online. (Very nice blog, very regularly updated and more on-topic than mine!) Go give him some traffic lovin'. Linky linky...

Also, Mind Hacks has a link to a PBS documentary torrent (OMG! Police! Police! j/k) on the ever popular frontal lobotomy. More info at Neurophilosophy.

And my little contributions:
- The popular song "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me, Than have to have a frontal lobotomy" was written by Dr. Randy Hanzlick (Dr. Rock), and can be found on the Dr. Demento 30th Anniversary Collection: Dementia 2000. While I can't find it on 'the usual suspects', it can be found, if you're a little lucky, on SoulSeek. A similarly themed song can be found by Faster Pussycat.
- Another PBS documentary, part of the PBS Curious series, can be found in torrent form as well. This is more on AI and robots, but still delves into some basic neuro and worth a watch.

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