Thursday, April 3, 2008

I've got the POWAH! (Derrdeedeede Derderderdeedee)

Power, electricity, the luminiferous aether, shocky-knife-in-wall-outlet-makes-ouchy. However you refer to it, one thing's for sure: you can never have enough in today's world. Doubly, so if you plan to have a bunch of electronics assisting you in your daily activities. Triply so if you are going to rely on active electronics for movement restoration.

Here are some bits and pieces that might be powering your bits and pieces in the future.

Nanowire shirt - two layer of nano-cilia-type surfaces brush against each other as you move, restoring some of the power lost through the movement itself.

An ankle kinetic energy battery charger
- swinging your leg provides juice for this designer number.

Electricity generating knee brace - I always learned that the thigh was one of the most efficient 'machines' ever developed. Make it work for your iPod!

Ultra-efficient piezoelectric bands - Coming soon: the piezo electric block, aka-Energon cubes!

Induction system for cochlear implants - Eh, stick it in yer ear!

Electricity generating backpack straps - Harness the power of first graders everywhere!

Hey, how much electricity does my heart generate, anyways?

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