Friday, February 29, 2008

Congrats Ilya!

Interviewees still around, so bogged down in work and non-work, but had to point this out.

Looks like I know some smarty-pants types. You know, the type that get first author on a Neuron Featured Paper, like Ilya Monosov (and for you non-academics, the paper is a free download, too). All those hours listening to FEF this and distrator that in the grad student office. Looks like it paid off! Very interesting work related to visual saliency and target selection. Next stop? Array in FEF (I say!).

Ilya was also talked about on NPR for his music project. You can hear him for yourselves here.

Congrats on the nice pub, Ilya!

Now go read it, my minions!


Black said...

Raise a glass to our classmate!

Grats Iyla : )

ilya said...

thanks guys!!
Best wishes,


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