Thursday, March 26, 2009

A story about a child named Notepad.exe

Little Notepad.exe was always the quiet type of child; he never complained, talked out of turn, or crashed for that matter. But, he also never played with the other children, instead opting to spend recess inside, content with a single font and word wrap. The other children left Notepad.exe alone, for he was too plain and boring, and while flaunting their fancy ribbons and spell checkers they would giggle about which mail merge feature was better on standard 9x12 manila envelopes.

[insert more blathering literary setup here, maybe a plot, too]

The alien exploded from Notepad.exe's chest, a freakish monstrosity barely reminiscent of the shy creature it inhabited. As the creature's vessel collapsed to the ground with the sickening thud of dead flesh, the patrons at the motorbike and baby stroller emporium froze in horror. Before anyone could scream, the fearsome being, pulsing with raw energy of a million suns, spoke. "I am Notepad++, destroyer of worlds!"

Anyhow, I wanted to point out that Notepad++ is a great alternative to Notepad, and can be used to completely replace Windows's built-in, underpowered app. It has a ton of fancy tools, like code highlighting/collapsing if you are using it as an editor for any number of different languages, all sorts of text manipulation settings, tabbed and side-by-side document viewing, plugin support, and really too many features to even attempt to explain here, so do check it out. Oh and it's free.

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