Saturday, March 14, 2009

Adding a new feed (or 20)!

So, if you have followed/subscribed to the RSS feeds, you know that they are updated several times/day (yes, I am actually doing that manually, and yes, I do read what I mark, except papers, though I read all abstracts). You probably also noticed that I mark a decent amount of stuff related to data analysis junkie related items under the BCI feed, including hard drive tech, CPU updates, and general organization/efficiency stories.

To better serve my dear, dear readers and and reduce the chance of myself developing a schizotypic disorder when trying to find material, I am going to restructure the whole feed setup sometime within the next week.

Site feed:
If you just let your browser or reader autodetect feeds, this is what you get. It is only stories I actually write. If that's all you want, then cool beans. But, there is much, much more available through the below feeds!

Starred items:
Broader implications, greater importance across 2+ fields or specifically to my research/lab/general situation/jobs/etc. This will include some papers, but not all, some tech, but not much (and no more multiple tagging of the same stories on different sites when one happens to add a small detail I find interesting - those will go in my private feeds). I'm hoping this will be a lower volume feed with greater signal-to-noise. High blog topic correlation with low variance is the aim.

Shared items:
My posts and strictly BCI related news items. Other blogs can add Blogger feeds as drop in items, and in general, the 'Shared' designation is meant to be the most topical to the readers. Now it should be. This will include NO papers, only media coverage of BCIs, NISs, BMIs, prosthetics, neural implants, some EEG/EOG/ECoG/MRI, and robotics/material science/neuroethics/neuroinformatics. Tech items will be limited to major, and only major items, like significant architecture changes, wireless transfer, CCD/CMOS advances, and new power/battery tech.

Tag: Neuroscience and Bioengineering
These items are specifically neuroscience related, and will include all papers. Papers will be purged each week in the Super Paper Friday post, leaving only media articles referencing them.

Tag: Science Policy and Perspectives
Political, social and generally interesting science bits. A paper might slip in here or there, but not many.

Tag: Video and Audio
I love the io9 sci-fi site, but they tend to post 20 YouTube clips in a single story, which brings most browsers to a crawl. This feed will contain only video and audio items. This way YOU can enable a script blocker or Flash blocker to read stories as usual, and then quickly scroll through these items. Since there aren't many, maybe 5 per week, you should be able to find stuff fast as long as you don't wait 3 months to look for it.

Tag: Organization and Efficiency
This will be the most 'eclectic' feed, covering data organization (physical and virtual), working space design, neat-o desks, software (like Mendeley and Firefox), notetaking, and other random bits to make life easier.

Tag: Technology
All the techy goodness that I find rockin'.

Tag: Education
Items related to education/PhD life/books/notetaking/etc.

Other feeds and tags may follow, but I think this covers the bulk of the material on the site.

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