Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A tool and a shout out

First, since Google has released Mobile Sync for iPhones and WinMo devices, I thought I would point out that there are still some annoying bugs. I'm probably going to try out Nuevasync instead, which is more mature (still free, but doesn't do undesirable things like remove pics from contacts, etc.) Thought I would let people know about the option...

And thanks to the interviewing students this past week for a fun time (especially the parts I remember from Friday night). I don't usually say this, but it was a great group, so hopefully we'll see a bunch of you back here in August/September. And hey, it only took 3 Roomba runs and 2 wet Swiffer passes to clean the place, and nothing important was destroyed, meaning the night was a win from my perspective.

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