Sunday, February 8, 2009

Couple quickies

Two things before I return to lurk mode:

1) Stimulus bill looks to be losing science funding, rural broadband, and a bunch of other provisions for schools. The NIH escaped unscathed, but the NSF and NASA got the chop, big time. More details here here here here here.

2) Tech item. I'm getting back into using Miro again (link to the v2 RC3), and thought I would mention it. Miro is a cross platform video and audio rss feed aggregator without the need to really understand anything about rss. Basically, you can browse their catalog of shows, subscribe to any of them (all free), and add websites, making Miro a nice all-in-one video program. I like to keep my video and audio separate, so audio podcasts go with iTunes, vidcasts go with Miro, and the world is at peace. I don't have a dedicated video library program (thinking about using VLC for that).


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Brandon King said...

That's find for streaming or setting up a dedicated server, but I could always stream to my Media PC or XBox 360. I looking more for a program to manage the video files, which probably means WMP or WMC, since the 360 can see those files libraries.

There are a few different general media setups to choose from. I originally (about 5-6 years ago) thought I would keep all my media on an always on NAS and stream to my desktop and HTPC. Then I thought about keeping all the media on the HTPC and streaming it to my desktop as needed. I've finally settled on the method that fits my style the best, which is keep everything on my desktop and stream to whatever devices are around (HTPC, XB360, etc.)

Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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