Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mendeley and Site Feed

Two quick notes.

First, Mendeley is friggin awesome. If you are a paper hoarder like me, or just need a better way to organize massive numbers of research documents, this is a great program. Added in the latest update: renaming files. Oh sweet jebus. I was actually going to request this feature the other day and got distracted.

On the opposite side of things, my nemesis, EndNote, has added the ability to download pdfs directly within the program. Good form, old chap. EndNote still has alot of features you can't find anywhere else (implemented in the most inelegant ways possible), and Mendeley is the perfect compliment for when you actually want to USE your references. So, do your searching and downloading within EndNote, and then throw it all into Mendeley for reference.

The second note is that reader Bruce brought to my attention the junky RSS feed via Feedburner. I had originally used the summary feed option to truncate the Super Paper Friday lists, but, eh, you kids can deal with a little extra feed girth. So, the feed should be all locked, cocked, and ready to rock(ed).

The feed (no need to resubscribe)
The NEW SPIFFY NEWS FEED! (Caps attack!)

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