Thursday, October 9, 2008

Brief note

I hadn't looked back at some of the old posts and just realized today:
a) I really need to actually read the posts before posting them. Usually they are off the cuff and done while I am otherwise occupied, but some of the mistakes are, um, yeah...
b) Somehow I turned off comment notifications, so I didn't know there were people talking about posts. Whoopsy! Fixed.

Oh, and holy crap! I threw a folder of papers at Mendeley and it pulled all the citation info automatically. Wow. Impressive! Actually, majorly impressive. I think this might be 'The App'.

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Alexandre said...

Hi again, Brandon!
listen , remember that "friday's papers" post?
Is it "copyleft" legal to get some of those texts from you? Since I cannot sign up for some of the sites...
As a game designer, I'm wondering if your interested in some cognitive design for videogames, that we might trade with.

Alex, Barcelona

p.s. I am really really REALLY excited about getting two or three of those papers.

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