Friday, December 7, 2007

Not related to anything

Papers will be posted sometime next week. I will probably be setting the EEG/ECoG stuff apart from the neurosciencey/cortical BCI stuff and possibly scaling it back a little. I've been catching up on papers and found I just don't need the non-invasive pansiness (haha!). j/k, but I just glaze over when I try to read them, and they're not important for my schtuff.

Wow. I had a bud over to play Halo 3, but I cracked open Call of Duty 4 before he got there to just play a mission or two first. He ended up watching me play for 3 hours (Hey! I asked something like 15 times if he wanted to play it or switch to Halo 3, but he insisted that it was fun.) The game is like watching a movie and friggin fun as hell to play, and I'm just a casual gamer. Seriously, if you own a PC/XBox 360/PS3, get it. It is ridiculously beautiful and fun. Just... wow. Our original plan was to crack open H3, and whoever won a match would have to drink - that way it evens out the abilities (hey, I haven't had a sip of alchy since SfN, so this isn't a regular occurance). Some other time, I guess.

Maybe I'll start a gaming night here in Prov, and any readers are welcome to come and join in. We'll see.


Black said...

What can I say? I love watching peeps play great video games. And CoD4 certainly falls under that category!

Besides BK needed SOMEONE to call out incoming grenades and machine gun flack. Sniper spotter FTW.

Too bad I had to be a loser and go to bed.


Brandon King said...

"Don't fucking move."
"But I want to see where he is!"
"OMG don't you dare fucking move!"
"How about I just turn a little?"
"OMGOMGOMGOMG where are they?!?! Are they gone?!?! OMGOMGOMG"

*squeeling like little girls as the patrol steps within a foot of my camo covered sniper*

Black said...


I haven't been that animated playing a video game since the original Silent Hill in college.

In the dark.

And drunk.


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