Monday, December 31, 2007

Jesus "OMFG WTF is wrong with you people!?!?!" Camp

Wow, just wow. I knew we had some real nuts in this country, but after watching Jesus Camp (on A&E right now) I've never felt so disgusted, disturbed and saddened by it. Ugh. I can't sleep now. If you read sites like Digg, you'll see some relatively extreme Athiest views. That used to bother me, but after watching this, I mean how do you reason with people so corrupted from childhood? They're the exact same as the Muslim extremists. There's is zero difference. Can't we add them to a terrorist watch list or something? Oh yeah, I forgot, they're advising the president. I mean you're a kid. You solve some math problem and finish your science project, and you feel pretty good, right? Sure, but you aren't crying and screaming to the point of seizures. Which experience is going to be more strongly imprinted? At least Ted Haggard (the preacher featured in the movie) was outed by his male lover and removed from his megachurch position.

I just needed to vent. Kthnx. Happy New Year's Eve? At least I'm enjoying the irony of this being on during the holiday season.


al fin said...

Calm yourself, BK. If (as you say) they are exactly the same as muslim fanatics, they would have hunted you down and killed you by now. The US would have experienced a dozen Christian suicide bombings in the past two weeks alone.

You may as well say that you yourself are no different than Ann Coulter for momentarily being unable to distinguish religious fanatics from religious killer fanatics who blow up schoolbuses, decapitate young women for flirting, or detonate an entire crowded marketplace because a single vendor sells alcohol.

Americans need to get out more and see more of the world. Most of the world's billions do not receive the constant oversight that weird groups in North America and Europe receive. They are considered normal over there.

Everyone needs to vent.

Brandon King said...

I know, I needed to vent, though. But on a serious note, I'm not sure there is a huge difference between blowing yourself up in a market and enacting laws that suppress an entire people because they are 'unbelievers'. It's not as impacting as that big boom, but it does just as much real harm, if not more.

When we start demanding executions for teachers because their kids name a teddy bear Jesus, that's when I'll be packing it up. I always wanted to be a cartoonist in Denmark.

And remember that the folks from the US seen overseas are usually the "good ones". We're the ones that get out every once in a while.

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