Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Site notes (again)

It has come to my attention that some of my posts may be misinterpreted as insensitive, so I thought I would nip this in the bud, as I expected the topic to come up at some point. This blog is intended to cover advances in neurotechnology in a somewhat whimsical, but informative manner (see my previous post on tone). The people in need of this technology are in desperate situations, and their emotional concerns should be noted. However, I refuse to let every post be guided by political correctness. I used the term cyborg. That's bad, I suppose. But what about the journal Biological Cybernetics? And Steven Colbert's use of the words 'rocket shins' to describe the athletes with prosthetic legs? I know I'm no Colbert, but there has to be some informal terminology when discussing the topic. I would never be overtly distasteful or insulting, though I suppose the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Second, as I mention in the first post here, this is a personal blog. Of a grad student. In a lab. Who works with people. Each of those elements will probably work its way into posts, but in the end, this is all my opinion. I will probably add some sort of disclaimer to the bottom of the site, just in case. I most likely won't get into topics like gun control (cited by The Retrospectacle), homosexual blood donation boycotts (cited by Medgadget), or 'teledildonics' (NOT SAFE FOR WORK/LAB (you have been warned!) cited by Gizmodo). Actually, no, I'm sure I won't be getting into any of those topics, but that doesn't mean that everything I post will be controversy-free. Consider it selective pressure - no controversy equals no evolution.

Alright, no more posts about posting for a while. I promise!

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