Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hang in there!

I've had an unexpected family issue that has taken precedence over DNI, but things should be back to normal soon. (I know, bad form with the picture, but no reason you shouldn't be entertained!) I swear, one thing after another, after another... This little roller coaster over the last month has been exceptionally bipolar (all the events, not just this one), and all my side projects have had to take a back seat (Digital Trends, Mendeley, DNI, and few others included), but don't worry. DNI is still here. I feel it is important to at least give updates when these little lapses occur, so people know that I haven't abandoned them.

That said, I am currently looking into a massively cool relaunch-type event/design/thing. This includes paper sharing, social media, new resources, etc. so stay tuned (not a service, like Mendeley, per say, but tying BCI communities and resources together a little better). Thus far, DNI has been a little experiment in neuro-y, research-y, tech-y stream of consciousness - as I hit on something quick and easy to implement, I've tried throwing it into the mix. The relaunch will be much more reasoned and deliberate. My first task will be to find a way to stretch 24 hours into something close to 24^10 hours, so I can fit everything in... :)

So, sit back, enjoy the feeds, catch a tweet here and there. I'm focusing attention on keeping up with the Papers stream.

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