Saturday, April 4, 2009

House episode and SPF note

Hulu says that the BCI episode of House will be up April 7. Pirate Bay says it's been up since a year before it aired. :D No, I'm not encouraging pirating, but ya see the problem here? Eh, I can't stay mad at Hulu. They just added all the episodes of Voltron. Activate interlocks! Dynatherms up! Megathrusters go!

I wanted to get SPF out today/yesterday but I have been swamped with work. I will probably do one final change to the rss feeds (I know, I know, sorry). I can't keep track of which tag I'm supposed to use for papers, so I will add a Papers feed and just put all of them under the Papers tag. No papers in any other feeds unless they are very important/interesting. In the meantime, you could just search the feeds for "Pubmed" or "journal" and be able to get the bulk of what I will be aggregating into SPF.


Brendan said...

And I'll form the head!!

Voltron's assembly looks the same no matter where they are. Underwater, deep space, in different atmospheres, always the same graphic.

Having failed as individual lions, on to our standard complete-Voltron anti-Robeast strategy!

Wield (unsuccessful weapon)

Get knocked down.

Individual pilots wince, as if the damage somehow is transmitted through them.



Form blazing sword!!

Black said...

Here's a Voltron discussion for you: pilot colors. What a mess.

Keith wore red; piloted black.

Lance wore blue; piloted red.

Hunk wore orange; piloted yellow.

Pidge wore green; piloted greed (they got one right!)

Sven wore black, Allura wore pink; they both piloted blue.

To this day I still can't figure out why they didn't make the colors match the lions. I can understand Allura, giving the time frame of the show and the fact that she wasn't the original pilot. Hunk is close enough I guess - maybe they didn't like the look of a yellow uniform. Pidge actually matches. Ideas for the rest?

Brandon King said...

I remember that my mom tried to get me into the Lion Voltron instead of the Car/Vehicle Voltron because there were only 5 lions vs 25 cars (which meant 25 individual toys to buy).

btw-the Robot Chicken Voltron bits have been hilarious, if you haven't seen them.

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