Friday, January 16, 2009

Iceland presentation is available

Might not get SPF out today due to all sorts of insanity here, but I have posted the slides from the presentation in Iceland. They're in PDF format, and can be found here.


laura l. kilarski said...

great presentation - thanks for sharing with the onliners :)

Brandon King said...

Thanks. No problem on posting the slides, but I did have to remove a few and make some small changes per my PI's request. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to post any videos (I expected this for a number of reasons) and you don't get to see my epic signal propagation animation that took 3 hours of PowerPoint Zen mindset to animate.

Ah well. Guess I'll just have to come visit jolly ole England.

Christopher said...

yea! come england, we wants signal propagation Zen

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