Thursday, September 18, 2008

Alright, more substance

A few quick links on actual brain, robotics, AI, BCI type stuff... (I know, how novel.)

Neat-o-rama has a post on brain controlled cell phones. Okay, it's more like an application from Neurosky that happens to run on a cell phone, but to the media it's all the same. Only problem is, and funny that the story should break today, there appears to be a part of the brain that shuts off when you sent a text message. Yeah, I'm buying it. Let's look at the study... awww it's some test center without any real review process. Is this some type of complete hoax? They say that the "ratio communis" shuts off. WTF is the ratio communis? AFAIK, there's no such area of the brain. It translates from Latin to the "system common", or "commonsense". Feh. When they have to make up brain regions to explain poorly controlled results, I tend to not pay much attention.

DIY biohacking. Nothing like gene therapy from a back alley geneticist!

And ascribing human intellect to the performer of an observed strategy over at Mind Hacks. Nice experiment, worth the read.

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