Saturday, August 18, 2007


Raise you hand if you're having a kick ass Saturday night spike sorting!
*raises hand*
*looks around excitedly*
*realizes no one else is raising their hand*

Actually, I kinda like it. It gives me a chance to meditate on the data a little. Oh lord. Did I just actually say, "Meditate on the the data"? Wow. Just wow.


Drew said...

Hehe. Raises hand. Though I do not have any of that fancy OpenEx or DataWave software. It's all MATLAB baby!

Out of curiosity, what species?

Brandon King said...

This would be of the Plexasaurus Offlinius variety (Plexon Offline Sorter). T-Distribution E-M autosorting is my savior!

Drew said...

Plexon, never used their stuff. Is it good? Looks pretty nice judging from the website.
But actually, by species I meant animal. Human, rat, monkey, etc?

Brandon King said...

Yeah, Plexon makes quality stuff. They go way out of their way to accommodate clients, and I've used them since 2000 for spike sorting/cluster cutting.

And I'm looking at data from the most unruly of the monkeys (humans).

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